Our power solutions for your needs

The vibitech busbar system provides for the safe transfer and distribution of electric power in both indoor and outdoor applications from 25 A up to 6100 A.

A fully integrated system from generator to electrical consumer, compliant in accordance with IEC 61439-1/-6 and a wide range of tap-off units, various load and breaker switches, meeting all customer requirements.

The vibitech system offers its customers many notable advantages:

  • a high degree of safety through its high short-circuit strengths of up to 150 kA
  • a wide range of applications available up to an IP68 rating
  • highly economical through very low voltage drops in comparison with other systems
  • safe and easy assembly through a torque-indicator at the connecting terminal of the VS system
  • flat management structures and a highly motivated team guarantee fast customisation of individual change requests and customer requirements

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Our maintenance-free busbar systems are used worldwide for
power supply in the industrial sector, as well as in buildings all of types:

High-rise buildings, hospitals, exhibition halls, data centres or airports.

Vibitech busbars are even used in supplying power to entire residential areas.