Our power solu­ti­ons for your needs

The vibi­tech bus­bar sys­tem pro­vi­des for the safe trans­fer and dis­tri­bu­tion of electric power in both indoor and out­door app­li­ca­ti­ons from 25 A up to 6100 A.

A fully inte­gra­ted sys­tem from gene­ra­tor to electri­cal con­su­mer, com­p­li­ant in accor­dance with IEC 61439-1/-6 and a wide range of tap-off units, various load and brea­ker swit­ches, mee­ting all cust­o­mer requi­re­ments.

The vibi­tech sys­tem offers its cust­o­m­ers many nota­ble advan­ta­ges:

  • a high degree of safety through its high short-cir­cuit strengths of up to 150 kA
  • a wide range of app­li­ca­ti­ons avail­able up to an IP68 rating
  • highly eco­no­mi­cal through very low vol­tage drops in com­pa­ri­son with other sys­tems
  • safe and easy assem­bly through a tor­que-indi­ca­tor at the con­nec­ting ter­mi­nal of the VS sys­tem
  • flat manage­ment struc­tu­res and a highly moti­va­ted team gua­ran­tee fast cust­o­mi­sa­tion of indi­vi­dual change requests and cust­o­mer requi­re­ments

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Our main­ten­ance-free bus­bar sys­tems are used world­wide for
power sup­ply in the indus­trial sec­tor, as well as in buil­dings all of types:

High-rise buil­dings, hos­pi­tals, exhi­bi­tion halls, data cen­tres or air­ports.

Vibi­tech bus­bars are even used in sup­ply­ing power to ent­ire resi­den­tial areas.